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LUHAKA Teeth Whitening Mouth Spray

LUHAKA Teeth Whitening Mouth Spray

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What are the many root causes of teeth color problems?

Let's take a closer look to find out.:

As per the scientists at the American Medical Institute of Dental Sciences, teeth discoloration can be attributed to a range of factors. Extrinsic staining, for instance, transpires when the outer layer of the tooth (enamel) is stained by external factors like food, beverages, and tobacco. 

Conversely, intrinsic staining occurs when the inner structure of the tooth (dentin) becomes discolored or impaired. This can transpire as a result of aging, trauma, or exposure to specific medications or environmental factors. Furthermore, genetics can also influence tooth color, as some individuals may inherently possess darker or yellowish teeth. 

Insufficient oral hygiene can also contribute to tooth discoloration, as plaque and tartar buildup can lead to the development of stains over time. It is crucial to consult with a dentist to identify the specific cause of tooth discoloration and to consider suitable treatment options.

That’s why we created LUHAKA Teeth Whitening Mouth Spray

This formula provides a unique and unprecedented experience. It has been clinically proven to effectively eliminate millions of germs that contribute to bad breath. It targets your entire mouth, delivering a more thorough clean than brushing alone. Protect and refresh your mouth with this alcohol-free mouth spray that offers a milder taste. 

Dr. Matthew Fischer explains that while there are various methods available for teeth whitening, such as bleaching agents and abrasives, not all of them are considered safe for the enamel of teeth.


“Luhaka Teeth Whitening Mouth Spray is a whitening system that uses a safe and scientifically proven natural formula. Unlike other methods that can be harmful to teeth enamel, it can penetrate the enamel and react with the discolored molecules that cause tooth discoloration. This process helps to whiten the entire tooth by spreading the active oxygen molecules while keeping the enamel safe.” Dr. Fischer added.

During our latest study, participants used our spray every day for 2 weeks, and the results were impressive. We received positive feedback from all participants, with no complaints of pain or damage to teeth or gums. Additionally, on average, participants reported their teeth were 14 shades whiter after using our spray!

Inside every drop of Luhaka Teeth Whitening Mouth Spray, you’ll find:

This formula has been clinically tested and is designed to provide hydration, soothing relief, and comfort to the mouth, without causing any burning or irritation. It is gentle enough to be used even by those with the most sensitive mouths.


Diane loves her new whitened teeth.

I done tried several ways to whiten my chompers over the years - trays, strips, and even office whitening. But Luhaka spray beats 'em all, hands down! It's way more convenient and has whitened my teeth better than all them other methods. I'm still usin' it and it works like a charm - the results have been downright amazin'! My teeth ain't never looked better, and I'm mighty excited to keep on usin' it as part of my oral care routine.

Diane Lane – Los Angeles, USA

Show your new smile. 

I had a couple lower teeth that were a whole lot darker than the rest of my chompers. I done tried countless whitening products on 'em, but they didn't do much good - until now. After usin' this product for just a few weeks, my teeth done lightened up by 5 whole shades! I can't even begin to describe the feelin' of not havin' to worry about folks seein' your teeth when they're talkin' to you - it's better than you could ever imagine, and it's priceless! And that's just one more reason why the price of this product is worth it - to show off your brand new smile.

Chris Jackson – New York, USA

Finally get back her confidence.

I done tried this product recently, and I gotta say, I am beyond thrilled with the results! As someone who's always been self-conscious about my teeth, I was really eager to find a teeth whitening product that could make a noticeable difference - and this product done delivered beyond my expectations. My teeth done look visibly whiter now, which made me feel a whole lot more confident and proud of my smile. I just wanted to say thank you for creatin' such an amazing teeth whitening product!

Lorena Barnes – Washington, USA

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