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Washing Machine Legs Pad

Washing Machine Legs Pad

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Are you sick of your washing machine making a loud and annoying noise?
Let's try this Washing Machine Legs Pad!

The honeycomb traction pattern on these washer pads increases friction for your
appliances, and hence provides noise absorption effect.

The Washing Machine Legs Pad reduces vibrations and even prevents undesired movement.


  • Vibration and noise absorption
    These pads help reducing sound and vibrations of large appliances, such as
    washing machines, dryers, freezers etc. Allowing them to stay in position at all times.

  • Floor protection
    Reduces the chance of injury
    while also minimising the amount of artificial
    wear on your floor, which might scrape it. P
    reventing your vibrating washer
    from walking or skidding around.

  • Strong grip technology
    When compared to similar pads, the gripping technology gives up to 60%
    more pad surface area
    in direct touch with your floor, greatly boosting floor friction.

  • Durable
    Resin fiber plastic and TPU adhesive were used to create this item. It has a
    high bearing capacity, is robust, and is wear-, moisture-, and corrosion-resistant.

  • Easy to install
    Lift each corner of the machine and slip the pads beneath each of the raised
    feet, then drop your appliance's feet onto the pads and repeat on the
    opposite side. Prior to installation, make sure your appliance is level.


  • Material: Rubber + Plastic
  • Size: 10cm x 4cm x 6.5cm


  • 1pc / 4pcs / 8pcs x   Washing Machine Legs Pad
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